• Midlife Care 6-Weeks-Coaching-Program

for female executives who want to continue to advance while they go through menopause.


Process and content:

Assessing the current situation

What are your menopausal symptoms? How are they affecting your career and health? What are your professional and personal goals?

Identify areas for improvement

What are your greatest limitations? Are there prejudices in your professional and personal environment?

Define alternatives & options

What strategies and tools can help achieve professional and personal goals? How can we respond to bias?

Develop an action plan

Should menopause be addressed? What helps to maintain momentum and advance both health and career?

Supporting change processes

Together with your employees, we will find the right answers to these and many other personal questions. I will help your female employees to take action, to draw up an action plan and to put it into practice.

  • Reducing working hours or even quitting? Support and retain your female talent!

Your consultant & coach for a new perspective.

Midlife care instead of midlife crisis: With my services, I want to motivate you to see menopause as an important topic for your company's success and as an opportunity for modern talent management. You can build on my more than 20 years of professional experience as a talent management expert and leader - and on my own story.

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Take action instead of observing:
Empower your female workforce!

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