• Talent & Retention Strategy

to promote your female workforce and strengthen your employer brand.


Process and content:

Assess the current situation

What impact is menopause having on your female workforce and talent pool? Are you experiencing burnout, increased part-time work and full-time departures? Are you already experiencing a skills shortage?

Identifying areas for improvement

What do your female employees expect from you? How can you optimize your people strategy? Where do you need to improve your talent management?

Define alternatives & options

Do you want to take other actions? What are the best ways to retain female employees through the menopause?

Develop an action plan

What can be implemented quickly and what in the long term? What metrics will be used to measure success?

Supporting change processes

Together we will find the right answers to these and many other questions. I will help you implement your action plan, motivate and retain your female employees and strengthen your employer brand both internally and externally.

  • You have a solution to your skills shortage: your female employees.

Your consultant & coach for a new perspective.

Midlife care instead of midlife crisis: With my services, I want to motivate you to see menopause as an important topic for your company's success and as an opportunity for modern talent management. You can build on my more than 20 years of professional experience as a talent management expert and leader - and on my own story.

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It’s possible to stop working hours reduction and career exits:

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